Drone Solutions

Bridge inspection and engineering services using APR technology.

AISICO is a UAS operator recognized by ENAC authorized (Operator ID ITESHMTv1I) to perform specialized operations in critical and non-critical scenarios, for inspections and 3D modeling of infrastructure, photogrammetric surveys, environmental monitoring and precision agriculture, using UASs.

AISICO pilots are qualified to operate in specific category defined by ENAC regulation “UAS-IT” edition 1 of January 4, 2021, in particular, they are qualified for all categories under 25kg.

The use of latest generation APRs adaptable to any need and type of inspection allows us to perform customized solutions according to the service required by the customer, ensures cost optimization, speed of execution and accessibility in areas of difficult access, critical or affected by natural disasters.

Inspection of bridges and viaducts

Bridge inspection using artificial intelligence technologies and software for data analysis and management.

Inspection and Surveys with APR

Engineering services with the use of APR technology