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Inspection of bridges and viaducts

Bridge inspection using artificial intelligence technologies and software for data analysis and management.

Census and visual and photogrammetric inspections using bridge inspectors and APR according to the multi-level approach of the italian MIT/Mims Guidelines.

Modelling and three-dimensional reconstruction through the processing of images acquired with APR and realization of a 3D digital twin model of the work inspected, faithful to reality, scalable, measurable and geo-referenced, subsequently analyzed by PC.

Possibility to see in real time the images on monitor and to inspect in detail without risks specific areas, even unreachable. The use of APR also allows you to inspect from above the neighboring areas allowing you to assess the impacts on the structure under consideration of waterways, vegetation, hydrogeological disruption, road and rail intersections, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Technology for CoA vulnerability assessment, structural and foundational, through ADD_B© – Automated Defect Detection_Bridge software.

Cataloging and photographic georeferencing of details of structural elements and individual defects on the 3D model.

Centralized data storage in BIM environment aimed at data transfer for management activities.

Dedicated AISICO cloud platform to manage and query all collected data and results for prioritization of interventions.

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