Dynamic tests on site

Verification of the reliability of the on-site support grounds of safety devices and comparison with the relevant crash test values.

As the impact is in the dynamic range, it has been proven that a “static” type of test is not sufficient to verify the behavior of the safety barrier at the installation site. For this reason, AISICO has conducted a study and defined a methodology for on-site verification, through the execution of dynamic tests, defining a global measurement criterion to assess the actual containment capacity of the barrier at a given site, as a benchmark for results obtained during the crash tests, to support the certification of the barriers.

Methodology foreseen by italian technical document UNI/TR 11785:2020

In 2015 was born the first AISICO dynamic testing system called “T.H.O.R. – Testing Head Over Road”.

Currently, are used T.H.O.R. 2 and T.H.O.R. 3,  born in 2018 and 2020 respectively.


Testing Head Over Road