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Festival della Piana del Cavaliere I Orvieto Festival

Orvieto (TR)

In September, from 1st to 11th, the Festival della Piana del Cavaliere returns, a Festival strongly desired by AISICO, born six years ago in the villages of Abruzzo and which since last year has lived among the streets and places of greatest artistic interest in Orvieto, thanks to the partnership agreement with the Municipality and the tourist facilities of the city. Precisely because of this deep bond with the territory that hosts it this year, the new name was presented: Festival della Piana del Cavaliere | Orvieto Festival.

The Festival will be staged from 1st to 11th September and will bring together different generations and cultures, for an immersion in the history, tradition and culture of the area. A project that is testimony to AISICO‘s commitment to promoting classical music and the enhancement of Italian artistic talent.

The title of this edition is “WHEN IS THE PRESENT”. Trapped between the past and the future, our being in the world takes shape in the instant, in the artistic transformation that in continuous movement makes us present to what we live. Participants in our time, nothing that belongs to us presents itself except as to be passed or already passed, apart from that subtle moment of transition, that moment of fragility that the artist knows so well and that reminds us that we are all, always, when it is the present.

The program ranges from the ancient repertoire and concerts for solo instrument, up to the great symphonic concerts, to arrive at transversal genres that pass through traditional music and arrive at the cinema. And then from musical performances for children, passing through musical theater and contemporary and electronic music.

This sixth edition of the Festival della Piana del Cavaliere | Orvieto Festival is also made possible thanks to the support of Umbria Region, Municipality of Orvieto, Ministry of Culture and Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto.

Furthermore, it enjoys the High Patronage of the European Parliament, the Patronage of RAI Umbria and the collaboration with Foundation for the Centro Studi “Città di Orvieto”, Città Slow Orvieto, University of the Three Ages, Opera del Duomo, Centro Studi “Gianni Rodari”, Orvieto Underground and Orvieto Municipal’s School Music “Adriano Casasole”.

Media partners of the event are RAI UMBRIA and SKY CLASSICA HD.

For information on the complete program and the purchase of tickets, please refer to the website: www.festivalpianadelcavaliere.it.

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