Since its establishment, AISICO has been involved in carrying out innovation and applied research projects, both self-financed and with regional and national contributions.

Its Ateco code 72.19.09 in fact identifies the sector of activity Research and experimental development in the field of other natural sciences and engineering. In January 2011, the “Research and Development” area was formally established within the company organization, which to this day boasts the execution and successful completion of a number of industrial research and experimental development projects.

Between 2017 and 2021, research and development costs in recent years have consistently accounted for about 10% of the company’s turnover. A figure that proves the company’s reliability and ability to propose innovative products, processes and services on the road infrastructure safety market.

Research and Development

The strategic agenda of the R&D area identifies the thematic areas where to elaborate the initiatives and address the project proposals that define the priorities and the objectives to be achieved taking into account technical, scientific and professional competences matured by the company itself.

R&D thematic areas

Sustainable management of transport infrastructures

Environment and Territory Monitoring and Protection

Monitoring and Quality Control of Manufacturing Processes

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Applications for precision agriculture

Road Safety Enhancement

Innovative solutions

Research and development projects often result in innovative solutions for processes, services and products. The results of the research usually consist in the verification and validation of technologies and in the realization of prototypes. Some of these solutions are engineered according to customer needs and market prospects for inclusion in Aisico’s services and products catalog.