Research and Development

Road Safety Enhancement

Road Barriers, eco-sustainable and performing

AISICO has addressed the issue of road safety efficiency through the study, definition and development of new measurement and energy containment systems in case of impact. It has developed criteria for the development of barriers to save motorcyclists, impact attenuators and railway noise barriers, using thermoplastic materials, including recycled ones, innovative thermoforming production processes and 3D printers.

R&D Projects


Multimedia Integrated Dynamometric Platform

Platform for the measurement of forces transmitted by metal road safety barriers (guard-rails) for bridge edge during the qualification impact and experimental verification by means of impact simulator with finite element models.

    Experimental products

    Processing of thermoplastic composite materials for the infrastructural and road safety sector.


      Technological platform to validate the functionality of road safety barriers and verify its behavior in case of impact through the use of software, simulations and FEM models of barrier/ground interaction.


        Research and Development

        Sustainable management of transport infrastructures

        Research and Development

        Environment and Territory Monitoring and Protection

        Research and Development

        Monitoring and Quality Control of Manufacturing Processes

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