AISICO Test House & Lab

Test Center Laboratories.

AISICO is able to perform all acoustic and mechanical tests on road and rail traffic noise reduction devices for the attainment of the CE certification.

The laboratories are accredited to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the performance of in situ acoustic tests (Adrienne tests) in accordance with EN 1793 and EN 16272.

AISICO’s laboratories are supplied with the state of the art equipment for the characterization of construction materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum, polymers, rubber, paints, mineral wool and glass materials. The laboratories are also equipped for UV aging tests, climatic chamber tests, salt spray accelerated corrosion tests and fatigue tests on components and products.

In the laboratories, it is also possible to carry out a series of simplified impact tests on an element or a series of elements of the device to be studied with varying energy and speed for the execution of small-scale tests.




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