Impact tests

Small, medium and full scale impact tests to analyze the behavior of more or less complex structural elements in the face of impact stress.

Within the railway sector, these tests play a fundamental role in the context of road safety and passive safety, both as a support to design and as a verification tool of existing innovative solutions that are no longer considered in line with current performance standards. They are performed both on single elements and on portions of devices to be tested.

S.T. test – Slip Testing

It is possible to perform impact tests by means of a mobile sled on single elements, on impact protection in the industrial field, on elements of street furniture and, in general, on structural elements of which it is necessary to know the response to impulsive loads.

The test structure consists of a mobile trolley properly ballasted, equipped with multiple types, impacting heads and equipped with sensors such as accelerometers and load cells, with acquisition system on board. The impact energy, verified on the basis of speed measurements performed with a system of photocells positioned near the impact and connected to a chronometer, is obtained by streaming the slide on an inclined plane starting from a launch height calculated on the basis of the effective test mass, without neglecting friction losses. The launch carriage can only impact at relatively low speeds.

Launch carts

AISICO has three launch carts of different weights: 919 kg, 3,835 kg and 12,890 kg. This weight can be modified according to ballast and impact requirements. The carts use the same launch system used for crash testing producing variable energies and high speed impacts. It is possible to pre-test not only individual elements but also significant portions of the device.

In cases of road restraint testing, the substrate, ground or curb, can be exactly the same as the crash test and does not involve sacrificial elements such as vehicles.

Rail Impacts

Rail crash tests are intended to verify the behavior of rolling stock in collisions, to evaluate passive safety requirements for rail vehicle bodies, and to obtain experimental data to validate mathematical models developed for final verification of rail devices.

The AISICO Test Center is accredited by the Italian Accreditation Body ACCREDIA (n. 0424L) for the execution of impact tests on energy absorption systems used in the railway field and on entire railway cabins in accordance with the European standard EN 15227.

The test facility consists of a railway track on which the test vehicles are launched and an instrumented wall of high rigidity placed at the end of the track; the dissipating elements or entire railway cabins can be positioned on the wagon, on the rigid wall or on both.

The processing of the data recorded during the impact is carried out with calibrated and certified software that allows to analyze the behavior of the tested device in terms of forces transmitted during the impact, deformations and decelerations.