Appeals, Complaints, Comments.

The process of handling appeals, complaints, and comments is an element of AISICO’s corporate policy, aimed at protecting and satisfying Customers, who may call on the following requests and/or communications:

  • appeal to request a review of a certification decision made by the Certification Body (e.g. suspension, revocation, etc.)
  • complaint if dissatisfied with the use of a service provided;
  • comment to highlight behavior that one may perceive as not in line with the technical reference standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, etc.).

AISICO shall examine appeals, complaints, and comments, in accordance with the REGULATION, within one month of their presentation, following a possible hearing of the Client.

AISICO undertakes in all cases to provide an initial response to the complainant within 30 working days of receipt of the complaint.

In handling appeals, complaints, and comments, AISICO ensures the actions necessary to resolve them and carries them out with impartiality, and excludes any discriminatory behavior towards the complainant.

The Client shall bare all expenses related to the appeal and/or complaint, except in cases of acknowledged justification.

If appeals, complaints, and comments are deemed justified by AISICO, the Client shall sustain the cost of the additional inspection.

The processing of appeals, complaints, and comments by AISICO is subject to several conditions, necessary for the effectiveness and transparency of the process. For this reason, messages forwarded anonymously will not be accepted.

The veracity of the data entered will be checked before the processing of the complaint, grievance, or comment is initiated.

The protection of personal data of all persons using the complaints and comments service is guaranteed and, where requested by the person, anonymity is ensured in the handling process.

How to submit an appeal, complaint, or comment

Any appeals, complaints, or comments may be submitted to AISICO, using one of two methods:

  • by filling in the online form on this page,
  • by sending via PEC (certified email) the Appeals, Complaints, and Comments Form (Mod_ReR_Rev. 0_ Appeals, Complaints, and Comments), which is available for download here.

    Areas of competence:
    1. AISICO Test Centre: amministrazioneaisico@multipec.it.
    2. EC Certification: aisico.nb@multipec.it.

Appeals, complaints, and comments Form

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