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Real Time Inclination Measurement

Automatic monitoring and alert system, via IOT network, of the deformation state of installations on road and rail networks.

AISICO has developed a continuous and automatic remote monitoring system, called Re.T.I.M. – Real Time Inclination Measurement, based on a patented methodology that, via IoT network, measures the deformations of structural elements such as noise barriers, integrated barriers, lighting poles, windbreaks, vertical signals, portals, etc.

The Re.T.I.M. System consists of a small inclinometer apparatus, self-powered and autonomous, fixed to the monitored structural element. A gateway – WiFi Sensor Hub – transmits, in real time, to a centralized control system, the values of displacements at regular intervals. The measured displacements, correlated with weather and traffic data, are recorded, archived and processed.

By means of algorithms, the measured deformations can be compared with the previously determined safety levels in order to verify the admissibility of the deformation or the insurgence of a warning or danger condition.

The evaluation levels of the structure safety conditions may be organized into three different levels:

Level 1 – Admissible – No alarm: this level includes the percentage variation of the inclination, compared to the reference value, measured in a short time interval and with a low frequency. In this condition, no specific extraordinary intervention is required, while normal routine maintenance operations remain active.

Level 2 – Attention – Attention alarm: the percentage variation of the inclination falls within Level 2 when, with respect to the reference value, it is greater than Level 1, both in terms of measured values, interval and frequency. Under these conditions, a timely control intervention and the activation of a specific extraordinary maintenance are necessary.

Level 3 – Danger – Danger alarm: the percentage variation of the inclination, with respect to the reference values, exceeds the threshold of the maximum permitted value – regardless of the measured interval and the frequency – falls within Level 3. In this case, an immediate maintenance intervention is necessary to prevent and eliminate any potential dangerous situations for road users, and the alert may even lead to traffic limitations and/or blocks

A dedicated web platform in cloud provides a solution to collect and analyse the information received from any individual inclinometer and sends an alarm signal or provides a simple and real-time data control. The interface makes it possible to display each homogeneous monitored road section: it is possible to identify the exact number and position of each individual IoT sensor, identified by a progressive number and GPS coordinates, in order to speed up any urgent intervention for Attention or Danger alarms.

Advantages of the Re.T.I.M. System

  • Real-time remote assessment and control
  • Ease of installation
  • Absence of maintenance and control costs
  • Eco-sustainable system
  • Fast and accurate information
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Customizable alert system
  • Alarm signal in case of lose of tightness at footh


Innovative solutions


Innovative solutions


Innovative solutions


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