Innovative solutions


It concerns the turnkey supply of specialized services for

  • Automated management of inspections of works of art (BRIGHT). To meet the requirements for inspection, risk classification and management, safety assessment and monitoring according to the M.I.T./Mims Guidelines April 14, 2020.
  • Performance of dynamic impact tests for the characterization of the pile/soil system, the sealing performance of the barriers installed on site and for the sizing and validation of any anchoring systems.
  • Qualification tests of the containment systems for racetracks, to perform crash tests on the barrier systems installed on the trackside of the racetracks, to assess their safety performance according to FIA RULES 3501-2017 (High Speed Crash Test service)
  • Probabilistic analysis of accidental events on road safety barriers, to perform the analysis of the probabilistic distribution of accidental events through the probabilistic determination of the Impact Energies (ET) of vehicles against safety barriers (probable crash service).


Innovative solutions


Innovative solutions


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