Innovative solutions


They represent the development and fine-tuning of new methodologies and techniques, often protected by copyright or patents, which AISICO offers its clients as a unique and exclusive service.

Some examples:

  • Method for the analysis and evaluation of road safety through the calculation of road protection indicators and the assignment of safety class (Road Protection Score and Star Rating).
  • Method of inspection and automated management of works of art (BRIGHT patent). It concerns, drone survey, inspection, automated diagnostics and data centralization on a BIM platform. The determination of the class of attention stems from the safety conditions of the works of art and allows the maintenance activity planning.
  • Method of measurement of macro and micro texture and adherence of the road pavement through the use of a high performance medium (Tecss patent).
  • VERTRAS dynamic system of automated survey of permanent vertical signs and measurement of photometric and colorimetric characteristics for the planning of road management and maintenance.
  • RLTM – Rail Road landslide Tunnel Monitoring
    Software code ADD_TU Automated Defect Detection_Tunnel able to recognize through the processing of color and thermal images, acquired by custom survey systems, the main classes of surface deterioration present in tunnels to analyze and evaluate the state of degradation.


Innovative solutions


Innovative solutions


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