Our Services.

Make the roads safer, choose AISICO.

We have thirty years of experience focused on road safety, a high level of professionalism that we put at the service of our clients, managing bodies and designers.

We are a reliable and competent partner, we have acquired leadership over the years by keeping pace with developments and challenges in the sector, thanks to the continuous improvement of our expertise.

Our areas of expertise range from CE certification to crash tests, from dynamic tests on site to rail impact tests, from numerical simulations to mechanical tests for material characterization, from acoustic tests to surveys and drones inspections. Moreover, with our consulting activity, we are able to offer you support in making your product as safe and compliant to the necessary standards, norms and requirements.

Crash Test

Crash test according to the most common European and international standards on all types of road devices.

Inspection of bridges and viaducts

Bridge inspection using A.I. technologies and software for data analysis and management.

Dynamic tests on site

Verification of the reliability of the support ground in situ of the safety devices and comparison with the relative crash test values.

Numerical Simulations

Computational mechanics applied to the simulation of vehicle impacts against road barriers and obstacles.

Impact Tests

Impact tests in small, medium and full scale to analyze the behavior of more or less complex structural elements against dynamic stress.

Laboratory and acoustic tests

Construction materials characterization and weathering response testing, fatigue testing of components and products, acoustical and mechanical testing of anti-noise systems, including Adrienne.

Drone Solutions

Engineering services with the use of APR technology.

EC Certification

Restraint devices EN 1317 / Vertical signage EN 12899 / Public lighting poles EN 40-5, EN 40-6, EN 40-7

Functional register of safety barriers

An objective correlation between the actual dangerousness of the road and the actual functionality of the safety barriers