Research and Development

Environment and Territory Monitoring and Protection

Toxic gases, pollutants and landslides

Development of new methods for surveillance and monitoring of landslides and large areas of high environmental pollution using drones. Both based on hardware and software integration of a low-power, drone-mounted multi-sensor platform with multi-spectral camera, toxic/pollutant gas concentration detectors and wireless communication system. Both based on aero-photogrammetric surveys and 3D reconstruction of unstable areas subject to landslides in order to map and assess the dimensional and degradation status of the critical area.

R&D Projects


Multipurpose survey platform of odoriferous emissions, toxic gases and pollutants by drone.

    RLTM Landslide

    Rail / Road Landslide and Tunnel Monitoring

    Advanced photogrammetric survey platform for monitoring and preventive assessment of unstable areas subject to landslide risk along transport infrastructures (roads and railways).


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      Sustainable management of transport infrastructures

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      Monitoring and Quality Control of Manufacturing Processes

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      Preservation of Cultural Heritage

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