Research and Development

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Historical, artistic and cultural artefacts

The needs of the cultural heritage preservation sector concern the possibility to have surface reading tools that allow to obtain predictive evaluations of the alteration progress or the alteration kinetics of the materials and the related durability times.

AISICO, thanks to its research projects, has developed new instruments and mobile robotic platforms equipped with sensors, which make it possible to verify surface variations and acquire the characteristics of the material and its alterations, as well as predict the kinetics of alteration of the materials and the relative duration times.

R&D Projects


Automated Degradation Mapping

Development and testing of an integrated knowledge system to support the investigation of the preservation state of a monument, through automated mapping of degradation.


    Integrated and Predictive Systems

    Realization of tools for the verification of the progressive alteration of the surfaces of various materials to create reference models capable of giving predictive information on the kinetics of progress of the processes in place.


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