Research and Development

Monitoring and Quality Control of Manufacturing Processes

Additive Manufacturing, Quality Control, Artificial Intelligence

The Additive Manufacturing market, which has introduced the use of new technologies in the production chain, has increased the demand for the development, in parallel, of innovative techniques, methods and quality control systems for product certification. AISICO has developed new diagnostic and sensor software to improve and automate inspection systems, quality control and reliability levels for the aerospace and automotive sectors.

R&D Projects


Technological Development of Additive Manufacturing in Piedmont

Advanced image processing techniques applied to monitoring and quality control of production processes.


    Melt Pool Monitoring System for Additive Direct Deposition

    High TRL industrial research project that is framed in the field of monitoring for AM (Additive Manufacturing) laser based technologies and has as its objective the industrialization of an effective monitoring system for AM Direct Energy Deposition (DED) technology.


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