Research and Development

Sustainable management of transport infrastructures

Artwork, Signage, Pavement

Significant research projects have focused on the implementation of an innovative method to monitor the health state of artwork (bridges, viaducts and tunnels), pavements and vertical signage. This method is based on the use of drones, high-performance media and photogrammetric surveys, digital reconstruction of the work, the use of artificial intelligence for automatic defect recognition, the use of smart sensors for risk management and safety assessment, and data management through the BIM platform.

R&D Projects


Digital Surface Modelling

Multi-sensor drone photogrammetric survey system for the modelling and remote monitoring of transport infrastructures.


    Rail / Road Landslide and Tunnel Monitoring

    Advanced integrated aerial-terrestrial photogrammetric survey platform based on the interoperability between Remotely Piloted Aircraft (APR) and High Performance Vehicle (VAR) for the monitoring and evaluation of tunnel degradation.


      Bridge Emission Acoustic Monitoring

      Innovative platform for automatic centralized monitoring based on the technique of acoustic emission for the qualification and assessment of the risk of damage to structural elements of road bridges.


        Airport Photogrametric Dynamic Survey

        Technological platform of photogrammetric dynamic survey for the qualification, management and monitoring of airport pavements and the risk reduction of FOD (Foreign Object Damage) presence.


          Vertical Road Traffic Signal

          Dynamic system of automated survey for permanent vertical signs and measurement of photometric and colorimetric characteristics for road management and maintenance planning.


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            Preservation of Cultural Heritage

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