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Applications for precision agriculture

Agricultural supply chains, sustainability, preventive and corrective strategies

A valid support to agricultural operators for the identification of preventive and corrective strategies on crops and to recognize the possible presence of phytopathologies. It involves the survey of crops with drones and ground robots, automated diagnostics of health status and analysis of growth and vegetative vigor for the improvement of quality and yield of agricultural products, with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Data acquisition is achieved through the use of a system that integrates agro-climatic sensors (Environmental Smart Sensor-ESS), a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (APR) and a Remote Guidance Vehicle (VGR), both equipped with multispectral sensors and lidar sensor.

R&D Projects


Technological platform of collaborative multi-sensor survey based on the interoperability of drones and robotic vehicles for the monitoring of eco-physiological parameters of vineyards, grape quality and soil microclimate, and for decision support in precision viticulture.


    Multi-spectral visible/near-infrared cameras and Lidar unit mounted on micro drones to Automatically evaluate at high-accuracy and high-performance Plant diversity descriptors with remote Sensors

    Innovative system based on a drone with RGB, infrared and mini Lidar cameras and on computer tools, experimental protocols and automatic data processing for plant characterization, large-scale monitoring and decision support in precision agriculture.


      Intelligent technological platform of interoperable aerial-terrestrial survey for precision agriculture

      A tool to cope with natural damage to crops using innovative methodologies and technologies for surveying and data processing through the integrated use of multirotors and aerostats and remotely controlled ground vehicles equipped with sensors with imaging capabilities, combined with computer tools.


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