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Crash test in an urban environment. Motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles

Organized by
Aisico S.r.l. & Biomeccanica Forense

Centro Prove Pereto

AISICO together with Biomeccanica Forense is organizing a conference on urban accidents for next Friday 10 June 2022.

A full day of training at the AISICO Test Center, designed for engineers, retreaders, industrial and insurance experts, police forces, driving school owners, lawyers, patrons, liquidators, students.

The conference is an opportunity for practical and theoretical study on accidents in urban areas.

The purpose of the conference is to achieve specific objectives such as:

– reconstruct the post-impact dynamics in auto-auto, auto-motorcycle, auto-bicycle accidents,

– survey of the road accident field with modern technologies (laser scanner, drone),

– deformation analysis of vehicles and restraint systems,

– analysis of the data contained within the airbag control unit and the black box,

– operation of the airbags for motorcyclists.

During the day, various crash tests will be carried out, with kinematic and biomechanical analysis of the data obtained, and the new instruments and applications for the forensic analysis of the road accident will be presented.

There will be a classroom session on the survey of the accident field, the analysis of vehicle deformations and passive safety devices, the acquisition and analysis of the data of the black box and the airbag control unit and, lastly, the airbags for the motorcyclists.

The practical session of crash tests will cover the following types of accidents:

– high-speed motor vehicle versus motor vehicle,

– car against car at low speed,

– vehicle versus motorcycle (with driver), – vehicle versus bicycle (with driver).

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